I love Blue

I was just trying my sons new fat colored pencils and since I love blue, I started with that color. I cut a drop template and colored around it. Then I though it could as well morph into an journal page about his school. It is located close to a water tower, hence the school’s name ‘Vattentornet’. Of course one drop of water can’t be alone, so I added a few more… doodled, colored, added some silver gel pen dots and lines and was quite happy with it 🙂

By chance I found DaisyYellowArts ‘Prompt6ix! Personal Prompt #2’ and to my surprise found 3 of the #2 prompts already included in that page. Well, I took it as a sign and I challenge myself to continue with Prompt6ix.
I added the ogee pattern to one of the drops I hadn’t doodled and colored yet and the grungy look comes from some of my digital PS Brushes.

Prompt6ix is the perfect excuse to keep art journaling and creating going this year. I neglected my pens and paints for too long… And to keep track of it all, I started this blog.
Thanks for reading!!!



  1. Have you ever done Iris Folding? The center drop looks just like an Iris folded project. Very cool.

    1. Boo, Thanks! 🙂
      No, haven’t done Iris Folding (had to look it up on google ;)) I just had a pattern in mind I had seen recently, which looked similar. I have to show this folding technique/pattern to my son – he might like it he loves origami.

      1. I’m not very good with folding and I can do Iris folding with ease. If he can do origami it will be a breeze for him. I get lost in origami after the 4th fold. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

        1. We’ll try it soon, I’m sure 🙂
          If you like, take a peek (he has a few pictures of his origami on his blog) http://fxlb.wordpress.com/origami/
          Have a nice Sunday evening!

          1. His work is great. I commented on his blog. Thanks for sharing it with me

            1. That’s so sweet of you. He’s always excited when he finds out about a new comment 🙂 (I only have him check his blog about once a week, he’s just 9…)

            2. I’ll go back to it and see if I can subscribe. Then I’ll see when he has new pictures. I’m all for encouraging young artists!!!

            3. Thanks Boo!!! You keep making my days 😉
              Let me know if you have trouble with subscribing…

  2. So happy that you are playing along with the new series of prompts, Jana! A fun doodlicious page!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad I found a good excuse to take time to use my paint and pens again 🙂

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