Something different

Hi everyone, Here comes a different kind of post:
My children (12 and 7) like to draw and paint as well (and fold origami and paper airplanes among other things :))
Recently they had a fundraiser in school where both of them didn’t do well (selling food items that we are not really fond of ourselves wasn’t too well anticipated by our family). The fundraiser is helping to pay for the end of school year field trip for the 6th graders – everyone builds their account that way. Well, my kids don’t have much in that account yet. But I suggested we could rather use their art (and mine) to make a calendar and greeting cards. May I present the greeting cards we put together: The boys thought it would be nice to have sets with a card from each of us. I had them printed locally on 110lb white extra smooth card stock. I let them do the math and come up with a price. They are asking $5 for a set of 3 cards and $6 for the set of 4 (if you like to donate some extra, they will be thrilled). If you’d like all designs in one pack, please let me know (either in a comment or via message). Shipping will be around $2.60 (I pre-calculated, the invoice will show the exact sh costs). If you are interested, please comment or message with your email, so I can send an invoice (via paypal, this can be used even if you don’t have a paypal account.)
Thank you very much for reading this through! It’s much appreciated šŸ™‚








Have a great week!




    1. Thanks! šŸ™‚

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