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Catching up & PPF

…with sharing my latest little art pieces. As usual there seems to be not enough time for doing both: actually painting AND blogging about it. So I’m trying to catch up and post a few of my latest ‘project’ It’s initiated by my friend Gabriele (she has an awesome blog, go check it out!!! :)) […]

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 232

Before I go on about the woyww business, I’d like to quote Julia (the woman behind woyww) to express my thoughts about the devastating happenings in the Philippines¬†– I couldn’t say it any better: “We need to open this week’s blog with a message of love and support to those suffering the effects of the […]

Mail Art: Out and Ready to go

This week was very busy with work (for my freelance jobs) so far. But I can’t stand not posting anything – I miss it too much! So at least here’s a little something about the recent mail art I prepared. I usually have several pieces in progress these days. My plan is to post them […]

Collages to Postcards

…makes more pieces to be mailed! I think I’m on a ‘mail-art-hype’. I made these for fun and in response to several prompts and challenges. A few of you were wondering about the process for the last card, so I wrote it down for all who are interested: I should get into the habit and […]