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Green on grey days

When typing the title for this post I was suddenly uncertain of the spelling for ‘grey’… turns out both ‘gray’ and ‘grey’ are used (if you like to read about it: here is an interesting wiki article) It has been little to no sunshine around here in January, so I needed a little bit of […]

Mandala by Nature & Thank you & woyww

First of all I want to let you know that our family is thinking of all who are affected by the recent tornado(s). How devastating and heartbreaking. I didn’t plan to post today, but my blog found so many new followers recently I needed to say: Thank you so very much! …for visiting, commenting, following and most […]

Collages to Postcards

…makes more pieces to be mailed! I think I’m on a ‘mail-art-hype’. I made these for fun and in response to several prompts and challenges. A few of you were wondering about the process for the last card, so I wrote it down for all who are interested: I should get into the habit and […]