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The winner is…

Congratulations! My lottery helper (my younger son) picked your entry number 🙂 So the little pink bird will fly to you as soon as I know your address. I’ll send an email as well. All who guessed that the friend I met is Hanna of iHanna were correct. Go check out her blog, if you […]

Link Love & Mail Art Received

It was again a wonderful ‘mail art receiving’ week! So let me thank all who sent beautiful art to me recently – it is very special and I’ll treasure all those letters, cards, and goodies. I try to make this also a Link Love post (check out what that means at Tammy’s site: DaisyYellow) Look […]

Mail Art: IN & Link Love

I’m so glad I decided to start sending handwritten letters and Mail Art again. It is so rewarding! Every time I close an envelope, I feel to have done a little bit to brighten someones day. And be sure, if you ever send something my way, you will brighten my day not only a little […]

Link Love & Stockholm

This really is my post for the Link Love! If you prefer to simply check the links, just scroll to the end of this post.  I had no intentions to write so much, it just happened 😉 Thank you all for stopping by! Last week I went to Stockholm – by train, by myself. This may sound […]