Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bird on Red – Art Journal Page

I decided to show all my bird related art journal pages over the next few weeks. This one is done also with ‘negative painting’ (using negative space) in mind. This was the page that I used in my guest post on Daisy Yellow last week. Sorry this is a short post – I need to […]

A different view of birds

If you’re into art journaling, I’m sure you visited ‘daisy yellow’ before. Tammy invited me to write a guest post for her DPP (daily paper prompt) series. Well, today is the day – I’m really honored, Tammy – Thanks again! Just hop on over if you haven’t been there today. I wrote about ‘negative painting’ […]

Happy Mail Box

I’m always very very happy, when I find mail art in my mail box. This time it came from my friend Gabriele. Thank you SO very much, Gabriele, you not only made my day, but my year (at least ;)). Stop by her blog – her work is worth visiting!!! Her envelope contained so many […]

On my desk…

…this past weekend: My younger son at work on my messy desk. So that’s my desk for woyww this time 🙂 It’s such a pleasure to craft or do some sort of art with children. I truly admire their sense of humor and curiosity. They’re so free and pure in their thoughts – we can […]

Die Dohle

Just wanting to thank everyone who stopped by recently and wishing you all a wonderful week! I really appreciate all of you who are interested enough to follow my blog!!! Always makes my day to see more followers 🙂 It’s still amazing weather these days here – warm during the day, sunshine, some clouds, with […]

Rain clouds on my desk

Few weeks have past, many more special moments as well. Shortly after my birthday my parents arrive for their first visit in our Swedish home. Happy times – especially for our children. My Mr. and I took the chance and went on another two-some trip. This time we went hiking in Jämtland. (wikipedia: “Jämtland (Latin: Iemptia) […]