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Something different

Hi everyone, Here comes a different kind of post: My children (12 and 7) like to draw and paint as well (and fold origami and paper airplanes among other things :)) Recently they had a fundraiser in school where both of them didn’t do well (selling food items that we are not really fond of […]

Journal peek

As we prepare for our vacation, I try to catch up on my journal AND cover some of the challenges I participate in. I like to peek into other’s journals, so I thought I share mine again (even though those pages are not finished yet). We went to a castle nearby last weekend – they […]

On my desk…

…a few days ago: …two of my journals, covered by some scrap paper experiment with acrylics (that’s one of the birds that I sketched in my job-journal, that I showed you last week) three more cards for ICAD bird books sketch paper some more tea filters (no new birdies yet, sorry!) several markers and a […]

Mail Art Thank You & Link Love

It’s about time that I thank my dear mail art senders and to join in the Link Love by Daisy Yellow once more. I received two little ATCs from the Earth Day Swap (Sogn Art) – mentioned here. When they arrived I first thought “Oh no! Return to sender!!!” because I recognized the envelopes as my […]

Mail Art: Out and Ready to go

This week was very busy with work (for my freelance jobs) so far. But I can’t stand not posting anything – I miss it too much! So at least here’s a little something about the recent mail art I prepared. I usually have several pieces in progress these days. My plan is to post them […]

ATCs for Earth Day Swap

I  liked the theme for this swap and since I found the information in time, I got working. (I tend to find out about swaps or other things I like only to find that the deadline has already passed or  is too close to be met.) Anyway – I thought I sketch some twigs that […]

Work in progress

Just for the fun of it and because I like to post colorful pictures 😉 Some work in progress… for you to wonder how it will develop and look when finished.

Rewarding myself…

…with some time to color and doodle! It felt good to just sit down and splash some (water)color on the paper – observing what happens and then take it from there. I started doodling on the watercolor background and just followed what came to mind. I can’t for spring to arrive so I think that’s […]

4-some Mail Art ‘create & pass along’ Swap

I belong to a mail art group on facebook (Mail Art Madness) and some of us are working on a ‘create & pass’ card. I finished my part of my card two days ago, but I just couldn’t find my U.S. postal stamps!!! I knew I still had some – somewhere. Well, I found them […]