Monthly Archives: November 2013

The birds are flying in…

…on stickers! 🙂 I’m so excited to see them printed on those cute stickers. What do you think?! I’m not even sure what I will do with them, but I thought they might come in handy to decorate some mail art envelopes. I might send some with goody envelopes to mail art friends, so they […]

Some Freebies for this Season

I added a few files to my FREEBIES page. I found them when searching for vintage royalty free images, but unfortunately forgot to note the source. Please let me know I case you know… I added the text – if you don’t like this text, it can be changed 🙂 Have a nice Friday and […]

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 232

Before I go on about the woyww business, I’d like to quote Julia (the woman behind woyww) to express my thoughts about the devastating happenings in the Philippines – I couldn’t say it any better: “We need to open this week’s blog with a message of love and support to those suffering the effects of the […]

Mail Art on it’s way

Here are my finished postcard for iHanna’s DIY postcard swap.  I started by applying the same things to all of them (newspaper from Germany, white and turquoise acrylic paint and medium) and then they took on their own look… I had collected quite a few leaves over the last months and thought it might be […]


I’m so behind with posting – there was and still is a lot going on this fall. In a good way 🙂 I received my copy of “Zen Doodle: Tons of Tangles” by Tonia Jenny (Editor) , Amy Jones (Editor)! (I posted about this in Spring this year – you can read the post here, if […]

Time for Tea

Not only because it’s the 1st of November, but because I just love to drink tea. No matter how hectic the day is or went, a cup of tea calms things down. At least for me. So one day I followed my sons suggestion: ‘Why not sketch your tea cup?’ Here you go, I hope […]