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Art Journal Page – week 6

I have a hard time catching up on my weekly journal, but I’m getting there 🙂 In lack of time no big explanations, but pictures. I hope you like them! Thanks for visiting!                

Found along the way – finished

A while ago I posted first details of this page… now it’s done. It took me a while – lots of interruptions these past weeks (the cold got one family member after another) Sketches of little bits of nature that stand out against the snow white ground (yes, everything is still covered in snow around here) and […]

Icicles on journal page

I like this page so far 🙂 I think I can do it – journal every day a little on a page prepared in advance. My plan is to use one spread of two pages for a week (nothing new, just never done myself this way). For years I journal (almost) daily in a spiral […]