Monthly Archives: January 2013

Rainbow Town

Here another page I did for Daisy Yellow’s Prompts: It’s prompt #4 and I’m glad I played along. It was a challenge for me since I really didn’t have an idea where to start with this one.  I was curious if I ever could finish a page with the following prompts: curious (taken car of […]

Icicles on journal page

I like this page so far 🙂 I think I can do it – journal every day a little on a page prepared in advance. My plan is to use one spread of two pages for a week (nothing new, just never done myself this way). For years I journal (almost) daily in a spiral […]

Magpie Decandence

Prompt #3 for Prompt6ix! is done! I couldn’t really sort my ideas for a while and I really wanted to start sketching again. So I needed to decide what to sketch… We live in Sweden at the moment and Magpies are very common in this area. I always loved their black and white appearance and their intelligence. […]

A little detail…

…of a sketch (in progress) I did a few days ago. It’ll be part of the next page for Prompt6ix! 🙂 I hope you like her!

Another star…

…this time a picture I took in December. I love snowflakes so much – they are amazing. Every single one is unique… and beautiful. I’m still ‘on it’ – trying to catch some snowflakes with my camera (I only have a canon ‘point and shoot’, but once in a while I can get rather close […]

When The Stars Go Blue

…my sons kept singing it over and over again, so sweet. I like to remember those moments and started to paint and stamp around the edges of a piece of scrap cardboard, added a blue star (acrylic paints & recycled material for stamping), added two more and filled the background with watercolor pencils. That’s how […]

Thank you!

Thanks to all who visited! I can’t wait for the next Prompt 6ix! 🙂Meanwhile I did some other paint and doodle crafts with my sons… will post pictures later. Have a great day! …and again: Thanks for stopping by. 

I love Blue

I was just trying my sons new fat colored pencils and since I love blue, I started with that color. I cut a drop template and colored around it. Then I though it could as well morph into an journal page about his school. It is located close to a water tower, hence the school’s […]

At last…

…I’m taking a challenge! Thanks to Tammy at Daisy Yellow Art and her Prompt6ix! weekly Personal Prompts challenge I felt I could commit. It’s one piece of art per week, that seems very manageable to me at this time.  So I’m very excited and ready to go 🙂 …I already figured though, that I’m in desperate need of re-stocking […]