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Fall is here as well as a new post – finally ;)

Hi everyone, I’m on my way to post regularly again (or at least that’s my plan ;)) We moved back to Indiana this past Summer after living in Sweden for three years. It took some time to readjust, but it seems that everyone has settled now. Our kids had very different feelings about this move […]

Published again! Yay :)

This time in Somerset Digital Studio! I was approached last year about the collage that is now featured in the magazine. I assumed that this collage will be shown in some sort of gallery, but I didn’t expect to be featured on two pages! (even though I did provide the insights on how I created this […]

Time for Tea

Not only because it’s the 1st of November, but because I just love to drink tea. No matter how hectic the day is or went, a cup of tea calms things down. At least for me. So one day I followed my sons suggestion: ‘Why not sketch your tea cup?’ Here you go, I hope […]

The Moments № 6

The white clouds and blue sky from yesterdays picture and my tea cup… How can I not be inspired to capture their beauty?! original Instagram post: join here, if you like Thanks for stopping by, Jana

My desk in August

…held new art supplies when we returned from our trip (check the last two posts and more to come) I can’t wait to use them all! 🙂 A little bit later that same spot: my journal and my mail box – both need lots of attention. Not many words today – the pictures speak for […]

Journal peek

As we prepare for our vacation, I try to catch up on my journal AND cover some of the challenges I participate in. I like to peek into other’s journals, so I thought I share mine again (even though those pages are not finished yet). We went to a castle nearby last weekend – they […]

On my desk…

…are some more bird sketches 🙂 I’m not sure yet, if they will end up on tea filters or if I’ll draw them on watercolor paper. I usually sketch my birds on regular printer/copy paper or in my notebook/daily work journal – sitting, flying, looking around… trying different things. Once I’m happy with a ‘pose’, […]

The sparrow

Sparrows are always present – no matter where I lived so far, they’ve always been around. It is a nice feeling to have someone familiar around, when one moves places… Here’s to the sparrow! 🙂 I haven’t had enough yet of sketching/painting on tea filter, as you can see 😉 (The light wasn’t the best […]

WOYWW time

This is not necessarily my work desk, but our ‘blue table’ which is synonym meanwhile for the table with all kinds of stuff on it. I like to sit on this table and add to my journal and my boys’ smash books – especially while they’re sitting at that table too. It’s our favorite spot […]

Peek into my weekly journal

Every week I add bits and pieces – writing, sketches, scrap paper, tags from things I bought or whatever fits the day or week or mood or all together. I haven’t shared pages from my journal in a while. I had the plan to do this regularly, but life is demanding and art comes last […]