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Happy Mail Box

I’m always very very happy, when I find mail art in my mail box. This time it came from my friend Gabriele. Thank you SO very much, Gabriele, you not only made my day, but my year (at least ;)). Stop by her blog – her work is worth visiting!!! Her envelope contained so many […]

Link Love & Mail Art Received

It was again a wonderful ‘mail art receiving’ week! So let me thank all who sent beautiful art to me recently – it is very special and I’ll treasure all those letters, cards, and goodies. I try to make this also a Link Love post (check out what that means at Tammy’s site: DaisyYellow) Look […]

Mail Art Thank You & Link Love

It’s about time that I thank my dear mail art senders and to join in the Link Love by Daisy Yellow once more. I received two little ATCs from the Earth Day Swap (Sogn Art) – mentioned here. When they arrived I first thought “Oh no! Return to sender!!!” because I recognized the envelopes as my […]

More Mail Art & More ‘GIT’

It’s time for my ‘Glue It Tuesday’ post! Thank you all so much for visiting my blog!!! …last week and today 🙂 It IS really nice to see so many visitors and bloggers to comment. It’s a great way to connect and learn what others think of my little crafty world. I try to visit […]

Mail Art: IN & Link Love

I’m so glad I decided to start sending handwritten letters and Mail Art again. It is so rewarding! Every time I close an envelope, I feel to have done a little bit to brighten someones day. And be sure, if you ever send something my way, you will brighten my day not only a little […]


I know, that’s what I thought when I first saw it! I liked the idea of taking pics of ones workdesk – I took pictures in the past, just ‘for the record’ sometimes when crafting with my kids. Well, now I have a place where I can share it 🙂 Check it out, if you […]

Birds on Glue It Tuesday

I need to work  on catching up on my art journal (my goal is to do a spread for each week of the year). As mentioned before, I went to Stockholm two weeks ago. I wanted to incorporate a map somehow (I hadn’t been at that location before, so surely I needed a map to […]

Mail Art: Out and Ready to go

This week was very busy with work (for my freelance jobs) so far. But I can’t stand not posting anything – I miss it too much! So at least here’s a little something about the recent mail art I prepared. I usually have several pieces in progress these days. My plan is to post them […]

Mail Art Envelopes & Glue It Tuesday

I can’t throw away paper. Good that it’s possible to recycle and even better that it can be reused 🙂 Not that I have no envelopes, but it’s always been kind of addicting to make my own envelopes. The last few days I found myself folding and ripping paper to be glued to envelopes. (I don’t use […]

Rewarding myself…

…with some time to color and doodle! It felt good to just sit down and splash some (water)color on the paper – observing what happens and then take it from there. I started doodling on the watercolor background and just followed what came to mind. I can’t for spring to arrive so I think that’s […]