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The Moments № 6

The white clouds and blue sky from yesterdays picture and my tea cup… How can I not be inspired to capture their beauty?! original Instagram post: http://instagram.com/p/fIsvlxgUwI/ join here, if you like Thanks for stopping by, Jana

ATCs for Earth Day Swap

I  liked the theme for this swap and since I found the information in time, I got working. (I tend to find out about swaps or other things I like only to find that the deadline has already passed or  is too close to be met.) Anyway – I thought I sketch some twigs that […]

My Favorite Prompts

I plan to add those pages to my ‘About’ page, so everyone who likes to swap some mail art or ATC (or something else?! :)) can see what I like. I got the idea for this when one of my new friends wrote “..and give me a mini prompt 6 (or 4!) of your fave […]