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…it’s nothing new by now, that I’m not posting many blog posts these days. But at least here’s a little friendly doodle for you 🙂 Wishing you all a nice Friday! Thanks for stopping by, Jana

Fall colors

I find myself sketching quite often in my little sketch book these days… even though Fall brings grey and rainy skies lately, the colorful foliage and fruits are beautiful nevertheless.   I hope you enjoy Fall – or Spring, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere… Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Jana

The Moments № ②

…found this along the way this morning: handwriting on a leaf. It made me smile. What made you smile today? original Instagram post: http://instagram.com/p/e9aAq3AU8C/ join here, if you like Thanks for stopping by, Jana

Bird on Red – Art Journal Page

I decided to show all my bird related art journal pages over the next few weeks. This one is done also with ‘negative painting’ (using negative space) in mind. This was the page that I used in my guest post on Daisy Yellow last week. Sorry this is a short post – I need to […]

A different view of birds

If you’re into art journaling, I’m sure you visited ‘daisy yellow’ before. Tammy invited me to write a guest post for her DPP (daily paper prompt) series. Well, today is the day – I’m really honored, Tammy – Thanks again! Just hop on over if you haven’t been there today. I wrote about ‘negative painting’ […]

New Mail Art and Glue It Tuesday

I can’t seem to have enough postcards ready to be sent. These days I find myself working on index cards (4×6) if I have a spare minute. Fun and rewarding – as I’m sure that I’ll receive some pretty art in return once mine fly out 🙂 Here are a few that can go out soon (let […]

Vintage Butterfly – Free printable

I had to ‘record’ the sight of the first butterfly of the season somehow 🙂 Last Friday my younger son and I walked home from his preschool and there it was: fluttering by, a very yellow butterfly. ahhhh 🙂 It’s almost May, I think that was the longest I had to wait to see a […]

Sunflower Mail Art & Prompt6ix

It’s mail art time and Prompt6ix time as well. I used the prompts of #8 of Daisy Yellow’s prompts to create a postcard. I used Photoshop as well as doodles by hand and hand writing. I don’t have too much time to explain today (my paying job needs my attention!!!), so here are the prompts […]