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The Moments № 9

A picture from a week ago: Playtime with a friend I met online – via her blog… and then we figured we live very close 🙂 She likes pink and polka dots… I bet that rings a bell for some of you 😉 Our schedules are not very compatible, but at least once in a […]

Die Dohle

Just wanting to thank everyone who stopped by recently and wishing you all a wonderful week! I really appreciate all of you who are interested enough to follow my blog!!! Always makes my day to see more followers 🙂 It’s still amazing weather these days here – warm during the day, sunshine, some clouds, with […]

On my desk…

…are some more bird sketches 🙂 I’m not sure yet, if they will end up on tea filters or if I’ll draw them on watercolor paper. I usually sketch my birds on regular printer/copy paper or in my notebook/daily work journal – sitting, flying, looking around… trying different things. Once I’m happy with a ‘pose’, […]

A little detail…

…of a sketch (in progress) I did a few days ago. It’ll be part of the next page for Prompt6ix! 🙂 I hope you like her!