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Mail: In

Again, all the way from Australia! Thank you so much, Alison!!! Very beautiful – the card itself and the envelope too. I just love mail art 🙂

My Favorite Prompts

I plan to add those pages to my ‘About’ page, so everyone who likes to swap some mail art or ATC (or something else?! :)) can see what I like. I got the idea for this when one of my new friends wrote “..and give me a mini prompt 6 (or 4!) of your fave […]

Under Water Colors

I started to scribble with my favorite colors (used watercolor pencils) and just kept going… 🙂 I think this will be cut in half and go into my mail art stash. (Now that this piece is finished,  I think that I should’ve signed up for the post card swap over at iHanna… I was just […]

Spring by calendar – Winter by Nature

Just by chance this fits perfectly for another prompt6ix prompt over at Daisy Yellow… It will also serve very well to remember a really nice lunch I had with a friend that day. It’s all digital again, but I plan a ‘hands-on’ version – at least for the writing and stamp part. It’s mysterious what’s […]

Mail: In

Look what I received within the past 5 days!!! Thank you to Gabriele, Alison, Elisabeth & Theresa – I received all sorts of goodies and of course mail art from all of them (names appear in the order I received the mail). (Go check out their blogs too :)) Such beautiful artwork and so many […]

Rewarding myself…

…with some time to color and doodle! It felt good to just sit down and splash some (water)color on the paper – observing what happens and then take it from there. I started doodling on the watercolor background and just followed what came to mind. I can’t for spring to arrive so I think that’s […]

Free ATC added…

…to my DIY & printables page. If you need a little purple or tulip or bird – feel free to print and use (and use proper credit if you post it somehwere, please :)) Happy creating!

4-some Mail Art ‘create & pass along’ Swap

I belong to a mail art group on facebook (Mail Art Madness) and some of us are working on a ‘create & pass’ card. I finished my part of my card two days ago, but I just couldn’t find my U.S. postal stamps!!! I knew I still had some – somewhere. Well, I found them […]

I’m going slightly mad…

…might be a slight understatement for what the Swedish King must have thought when he knew his majestic ship was sinking on it’s first voyage. The ship left the harbor and after 1.5 km (about a mile) sunk… If you’re interested hop on over to the homepage of the Vasa Museum and read more. It […]

Saturday read

What a lovely Saturday! I hope you had a nice day too 🙂 I enjoy the spring colors so much! Even though not outside – in nature – yet, but at least in the vase. Those colors make me so happy, I almost feel butterflies in my stomach 😉 I had a little time to […]