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What’s on my desk… or WOYWW

It seems I can take a breather after an intense project (I do freelance work as translator) and I can take time to share my desk again! With all of you who are not familiar with WOYWW, check it out 🙂 I’m in the middle of preparing some goodies for a bird theme swap (Jen, […]

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 232

Before I go on about the woyww business, I’d like to quote Julia (the woman behind woyww) to express my thoughts about the devastating happenings in the Philippines – I couldn’t say it any better: “We need to open this week’s blog with a message of love and support to those suffering the effects of the […]

My desk in August

…held new art supplies when we returned from our trip (check the last two posts and more to come) I can’t wait to use them all! 🙂 A little bit later that same spot: my journal and my mail box – both need lots of attention. Not many words today – the pictures speak for […]

On my desk…

…are some more bird sketches 🙂 I’m not sure yet, if they will end up on tea filters or if I’ll draw them on watercolor paper. I usually sketch my birds on regular printer/copy paper or in my notebook/daily work journal – sitting, flying, looking around… trying different things. Once I’m happy with a ‘pose’, […]

My work desk…

…changes very often. Sometimes it’s the blue table where I can work together with my kids, other times it’s the messy table downstairs (to paint and print and experiment), or my desk in the office, or simply the kitchen table. Today it’s the kitchen table again.  If you ask me – the most important part […]

WOYWW time

This is not necessarily my work desk, but our ‘blue table’ which is synonym meanwhile for the table with all kinds of stuff on it. I like to sit on this table and add to my journal and my boys’ smash books – especially while they’re sitting at that table too. It’s our favorite spot […]

Mandala by Nature & Thank you & woyww

First of all I want to let you know that our family is thinking of all who are affected by the recent tornado(s). How devastating and heartbreaking. I didn’t plan to post today, but my blog found so many new followers recently I needed to say: Thank you so very much! …for visiting, commenting, following and most […]


Here comes Wednesday – WOYWW – time! Go check it out on Julia’s blog… I can’t wait to visit all your spaces 🙂 Last week we traveled, so I didn’t have a chance to visit all of your desks. Well, this week shall be more time to do so. A big Thank You! to all […]


Yes, it’s Wednesday again! Which means it’s time to show what’s on my desk… Thank you all so much, dear WOYWW-lovers! What fun to see all your work areas and to see you all come visit my little corner. It’s really great and I enjoy it very much. I try to visit as many links […]


First of all I’d like to thank all of you who stopped by last week: Wow! So many kind words and visitors – that made me feel truly thankful and happy. I just love seeing many comments – so very interesting and also a great way to explore new sites and meet new friends 🙂 I apologize […]