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Art Journal Page – week 6

I have a hard time catching up on my weekly journal, but I’m getting there šŸ™‚ In lack of time no big explanations, but pictures. I hope you like them! Thanks for visiting!                

Sunflower Mail Art & Prompt6ix

It’s mail art time and Prompt6ix time as well. I used the prompts of #8 of Daisy Yellow’s prompts to create a postcard. I used Photoshop as well as doodles by hand and hand writing. I don’t have too much time to explain today (my paying job needs my attention!!!), so here are the prompts […]

Mail Art, here I come :)

At least that’s my plan and posting it here in public, is supposed to make me just do it, and not postponing again and again to start on some postcards I promised. I love sending and receiving snail mail. Unfortunately I really have to ‘schedule’ to make time for such pleasures these days. But as […]

Gaudy – Digital Collage

Another art journalĀ challengeĀ (check it out, it’s on Daisy Yellow’s page)Ā and another one out of my comfort zone. And again I had fun playing šŸ˜‰ I had an idea, how to make my page gaudy and this time I decided to try an all digital collage. I love Photoshop and hadn’t played for a while… I […]

Mail Art - Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower – Mail Art

Another page (or in this case – post card!) for the prompts of Yellow Daisy’s Prompt6ix I thought about this for a while and in the end it came together rather natural šŸ˜‰ I knew there is a plant called ‘Balloon Flower’ and I wanted to incorporate it somehow. I found many photos online, but […]

Found along the way – finished

A while ago I posted first details of this page… now it’s done. It took me a while – lots ofĀ interruptionsĀ these past weeks (the cold got one family member after another) Sketches of little bits of nature that stand out against the snow white ground (yes, everything is still covered in snow around here) and […]

Valentine’s for my boys

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all šŸ™‚ These are the little cards I made for my boys: I used their favorite colors in the hearts (the one in the middle is for husband – he’s fine with any color ;))    

Valentine’s Craft

Since we moved to Sweden past Summer, I’m trying to help my older son to keep in touch with his friends in the U.S. His blog is one way and another is sending letters. So for Valentine’s Day we cut little hearts from brochures (about the town we live in now) and he wrote his […]

Mail Art in Red

I made it in time before the next prompt! Here you go, my result forĀ Prompt6ix! Personal Prompt #6Ā from Daisy Yellow. This time I choose the post card format – just in case I need some mail art šŸ˜‰ The prompt included: Leaves (obvious), Red (the background = scrapbook paper I had on hand), Brushes (look […]

Found along the way – art journal page

When I finally decided to take more time for journaling and art in my live again, I wanted to get back into sketching as well. Since my sons like to bring treasures home all the time, I started to keep some for myself šŸ˜‰ Here are some details (it’s going to be the page for […]