…especially my kids have been waiting quite impatiently for the white stuff. Just before Christmas temperatures dropped and we also went on a short trip a little farther north to ski and sled. Lots of snow there! When we came back home, we found everything covered in white as well 🙂 So, naturally, I had to […]

Christmas 🙂 Therefore, I can’t help it and draw Holiday related things and florals. This wreath is still not done, i think, but I can’t decide what it needs. And also I’m a bit hesitant to add something, since I always think I’ll mess up (though I know I should just go for it, because […]

Do you remember this little guy?! Hedgeghog greeting card by tangledPen He is now available as greeting card (or postcard) 🙂 The greeting text can be customized! I am not ready to print from home yet, so I added him to my store (on zazzle). I added a ‘Season’s Greetings’ card to my little store […]

Practicing calligraphy and writing letters is the perfect combination 🙂 …and also it’s the perfect excuse to use my bird stamps!!! A few of my birds are now available at  ‘Rubber Dance‘ – go check them out. They have a wonderful collection of rubber stamps. (My first licensed design contract! :))     More snail mail – […]

Besides the pictures already posted, here are some more to all of you who are not following on Instagram. Another peek into my art journal: Calligraphy practice – I’d like to fit more of this into my schedule…   A card I painted for a very dear friend’s birthday – she received it meanwhile, so it’s […]

It looks like I never posted this little guy here – well, it’s about time! When I sketched the hedgehog, my younger son claimed him immediately – even though it was just a pencil sketch at that time. I’m so happy when my children like what I draw or paint, this makes it extra special… I […]

…it’s nothing new by now, that I’m not posting many blog posts these days. But at least here’s a little friendly doodle for you 🙂 Wishing you all a nice Friday! Thanks for stopping by, Jana

I find myself sketching quite often in my little sketch book these days… even though Fall brings grey and rainy skies lately, the colorful foliage and fruits are beautiful nevertheless.   I hope you enjoy Fall – or Spring, if you’re in the Southern hemisphere… Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Jana

I haven’t paid too much attention to my blog lately. I blame the Summer break and recent travel. At least I’d like to post a few pictures of some of my art journal pages. If time allows, I will post more over the next few months. If you are active on Instagram, I’d be happy […]

…to Norway! I’m excited and can’t wait. I hope you don’t mind another break in posting 😉 It’s going to be a ‘device-less’ vacation for our family. Well, we WILL take our cameras, of course, but no online connecting thingies… Please check my Instagram for more pictures, if you like. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, […]