What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 232

Before I go on about the woyww business, I’d like to quote Julia (the woman behind woyww) to express my thoughts about the devastating happenings in the Philippines – I couldn’t say it any better:

“We need to open this week’s blog with a message of love and support to those suffering the effects of the hurricane that has wreaked such havoc across the Phillipines.  Peggy and Patsy are there, and us regular Deskers know that they will already be heavily involved in help, aid and crisis management, it is the stuff of which these two strong and loving women are made. But really..please, reach out if you can…the shock and trauma alone must be appalling for everyone, and to have to set that aside to help takes a major act of faith and will.  We’re at your shoulder girls, and wish with every fibre that we could be a practical help.  Perhaps we can.  Please ask.”

I haven’t participated in such a long time. But today is the day – I just took a pic of my desk and need to share it – because I’m so excited that my cards from MOO arrived!!! I decided to try how my birds would look on greeting cards. I made two paintings that I wanted to use as Holiday cards this year and choose a few of my paintings (mostly watercolor paintings) and a photograph for the first batch. I really like how they turned out. What about you?! I ordered a few extra, just in case… perhaps I’ll put them up for sale – that’d be excitement on a totally different level ;))

I also received the first postcard from the iHanna DIY postcard swap (the red one to the right in the picture) – so good to find handmade mail in the mailbox!!!

Anyway – enough chit-chat – here is my desk (the light in this room around this time of the day is not the best. I will follow up with close up shots of the cards):





Thank you so much for visiting!





  1. Hi there. Just popping my head round the door to say hi.
    Thanks for the peek into your creative world today.
    Hope you have a good week too.

  2. Those cards are lovely, I can see why you are pleased with them.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21xx

  3. Your birds are just wonderful.

  4. Such wonderful cards! I am a card maker too, but I don’t have the drawing skills like you so I need to rely on my stamps! Your birds are so wonderful! Trying to pick a favorite, but they are all great. I especially love the red one ont he text, and the blue one (that could be for any occasion!) Great job! Winnie#69

  5. Hi Jana, first, as you stated in your opening blog sentence – all the blessings in the world for the Phillippines right now. Your cards are absolutely beautiful. I really, truly love the one with the orange and brown bird on the book page paper. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day. Super Stamp Girl #7

    1. Thanks Lacey 🙂
      I should perhaps make it more clear: all the cards are prints from my original art – no stamping 😉 …the bird on the book page is a drawing – watercolors and Faber-Castell Pitt Pen… (perhaps I should make a stamp from that bird…)

  6. The birds look great on the cards. Happy Snooping Carole # 97

  7. It’s lovely to see your bird pics again. You capture them so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your creative gift. Julie Ann #33

  8. Sehr stimmungsvoll geworden!

  9. The cards are stunning! I didn’t even know Moo did greetings cards – I thought it was just business cards. Clearly I need to investigate. YES – you definitely should pop a few up for sale!

    Carmen #82

  10. Thanks for visiting my page…. Your cards are beautiful, love, love, love. Have a great week and happy crafting …De De #37

  11. WOW, your birds are so beautiful, I love the blue tit particularly.

    Cazzy x #87

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