The Moments № 9


A picture from a week ago:
Playtime with a friend I met online – via her blog… and then we figured we live very close 🙂
She likes pink and polka dots… I bet that rings a bell for some of you 😉

Our schedules are not very compatible, but at least once in a while it seems to happen: Time for art and ‘fika’ (the Swedish term for coffee/tea break, that should always include a pastry of some sort – correct me, if I’m wrong!)

And here’s a little GIVEAWAY – my first one! 🙂

If you think you know who this friend is, leave a comment below [or on my facebook page or via email]
It doesn’t matter if your guess is correct or wrong – one of you will receive the little pink bird with polka-dots pictured below. (it’s one of my birds drawn on tea filter)
How does that sound?!
I’ll close this giveaway on Sunday, October 13th at midnight CST.

The winner will be announced on Monday, October 14th.

Good luck!


original Instagram post:

join this challanege here, if you like


Thanks for stopping by,



  1. lovely little bird and picture! I’m guessing ihanna. 🙂

  2. Is it Gabriele in Germany? As you can tell I don’t know much about European Geography. 🙂 Your bird is beautiful!!

  3. No, it is not me. I am pretty sure ihanna, she is from Sweden and pink and polka dots also fit. Love that bird! Pink and orange, my favourite colour combination!

  4. Rita Montgomery · · Reply

    I love the bird and I’m going to guess iHanna as well.

  5. Judi exnerparker · · Reply

    I. Think it’s hello kitty.. Kidding, I had no idea! Love the bird

  6. Beautifully patterned little bird!

  7. Love this little bird – just gorgeous!
    My guess is Gabrielle.

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