The Moments № ③


…I love the afternoon light with it’s long shadows… especially now, that the sun is setting sooner here in Scandinavia

original Instagram post:

join here, if you like


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  1. Hey das ist cool!

  2. Fantastic Photo, Jana

  3. Hi Jana… I was much surprised and very happy to receive your card for my b’day yesterday!!! Thank you so much!!! That is so sweet of you! I love the photo you show here too – great catch! I thought about joining the ‘moments’ series but I have too much other work on my plate… but I love seeing what others do! Enjoy, enjoy and have a great weekend. Big hug from Holland!

    1. Hej Marit, I’m glad the card arrived 🙂
      I know what you mean – it’s hard to decide where to join in – there’s always so much else going on. I hope your other work is fun somehow!!!
      Cheers – I truly hope you have a very special week (in a positive way, of course ;))
      Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thanks so much! …also for following my blog 🙂
      I hope there’s much more to come, that you like as well 🙂

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