Die Dohle

Just wanting to thank everyone who stopped by recently and wishing you all a wonderful week! I really appreciate all of you who are interested enough to follow my blog!!! Always makes my day to see more followers 🙂

It’s still amazing weather these days here – warm during the day, sunshine, some clouds, with turning leaves and lots of dew and spider webs in the mornings. Wonderful – I just treasure the morning walks with my youngster to his school these days – the mood of the surroundings seems to get to him too (that means he’s so happy that we have a really special time together :))

Anyway, this was supposed to be short!
(…as I took on another freelance job last week, I better get back to work!
once I think I have more time to spend on art and crafting, bc one job is done,  there comes along the next one… not complaining! just saying ;))


I used one of the birds I drew (watercolors and micron pen), cut out digitally,
layered on a map I photographed at the Vasa-Museum (Stockholm),
maps and papers from my digital stash.

Here’s the bird (die Dohle or ‘Jackdaw’), still lonely on his paper, when it wasn’t quite finished yet


BTW, since I received a few questions about this:
If you ever are interested in having a special bird (or insect or butterfly or…) custom-sketched or painted, just let me know! My piggy bank has still room for some extra cash 😉
I try to sell some of my art to justify the cost of art supplies.




  1. Jana, ist die Dohle ganz schwarz oder schwarz mit braun? Ich habe solche Vögel in Dänemark gesehen, bei uns kennt man sie nicht. Übrigens sehr schön geworden. Love it!

    1. Dohlen sind dunkelgrau – fast schwarz. Hinterkopf und Nacken sind heller (auch grau) – zumindest bei der Art, die wir hier taeglich sehen. Und: sie haben hellblaue Augen!!! (kann man auf dem scan nicht so gut shehen – da muss ich was tun ;))

  2. neat! I really like it.

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