Rain clouds on my desk

Few weeks have past, many more special moments as well. Shortly after my birthday my parents arrive for their first visit in our Swedish home. Happy times – especially for our children. My Mr. and I took the chance and went on another two-some trip. This time we went hiking in Jämtland.
(wikipedia: “Jämtland (Latin: Iemptia) or Jamtland is a historical province or landskap in the center of Sweden in northern Europe.”)

Peace and quiet (and tired muscles ;)) all the way… I plan to post some pictures hopefully sooner than later. So much inspiration!

Anyway – recently we had some rain, which was scarce during this Summer, so I painted some whimsy rain clouds. No rain shower is the same, you know 😉
(water colors on water color paper… nice and calming and perfect to try some of my new water colors – Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Schmincke/Horodam)

Here’s my desk – I’ll link this for woyww on Julia’s page (check it out, it’s SO interesting to see desks around the globe!)
Enjoy & let me know what you think 🙂


…and some close ups:





Thank you for your visit!




  1. Oh Jana, they all are lovely. But I love the purple one with the swirls sooooo much! It looks like a beautiful piece of jewelry! Hugs, Pamikins!

  2. I loved your post Jana! I’d love to see your photos of your hiking trip. There’s so much you can do with clouds…but of course I love watercoloured ones the best!! Especially yours! ❤

  3. Your twosome trip sounds fun,happy crafting 🙂

    Oh chocolate,yummy,that’s like finding treasure, happy crafting 🙂
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay # 41

  4. Lovely clouds, I like the purple best – looks somehow Viktorian to me – that was my first thought.

  5. Jana, Sounds like you’ve had a fun summer. Lot of traveling and visiting for you and your family. When does school start in Sweden?

  6. Hi Jana – Love the little rain clouds – my favourite is the purple one too – the rain looks like it has made a beautiful beaded curtain! Have a great time with your family. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 70

  7. Beautiful clouds, I love the variations

  8. Fabulous rainclouds! Funny how much you begin to like rain when you don’t get so much of it!

  9. Jana, these are beautiful! I can see them in a children’s book! Glad you tried “the blues” even if it was unknowingly! Love your work!

  10. Hi Jana – thanks for calling by earlier – these clouds are such great fun ! Always great to see a series in progress & see where you can take a theme once you start to play with it ! Ali #38

  11. Love love love the purple swirled cloud! Beautiful!
    Marissa #105

  12. These little clouds are just lovely – they should be made into rubber stamps and I think they would be very popular! I like the blue one with the swirls, I would definitely buy that if it were commercially available! Julie Ann x #32

  13. Oh what lovely clouds – super !!


    IKE in Greece #67 xxxxx

  14. What a fun little painted series! Almost like a diary of rainy Swedish summers…

  15. What fun – well done. I loved the purple one – the rain drops look like strings of jewels – great.
    Have a good week.
    Margaret #50

  16. oh I love your whimsy clouds…such a great selection of rain colours. your hiking trip must have been very inspiring, and how fab to be able to get away with your Mr..aren’t parents fab!!

  17. I just love your rain clouds!

    1. Thank’s so much, Karen! 🙂

  18. Oh, windy-ness! I can feel it in your paintings! Quite impressive to make weather impress me… I love how creative every day always brings along such intriguing artists…. delightful!

    If you would like to see my check in this week, visit here.

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