Travel souvenirs

We’re back from our trip to Germany and The Netherlands. It was a great time for everyone (our children stayed with my parents and aunt in Germany and my husband and myself were able to spend time in Amsterdam, on Texel and in Hamburg) .

Needless to say, there’s tons of inspiration that I brought back home. It’s hard to decide where to start and how to sort and what to do next (well, that’s kinda usual for me ;)).

I simply started sorting pictures I took and will post them, hopefully somewhat sorted, to share my impressions…

Old houses in Wismar (northern part of Germany) …evening light – perfect conditions to take those pictures!

There’s still so much laundry to do – so that’s it for the moment 😉
Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Cool old buildings

    1. Indeed, Boo. …it was hard to put the camera down – every street and corner had something amazing to offer.

  2. So beautiful! My sister lives in Germany – Frankfurt.

    1. Have you ever visited Germany, Carly?!

      1. No, but I would love to! She hasn’t been living there long. I hope I get the opportunity to visit before she moves back to the states!

        1. I hope you’ll have the chance!

  3. Pamikins · · Reply

    Jana, I am so glad you guys had fun! You have a wonderful eye for architecture! Hugs, Pam

  4. Thanks, Pam (for hugs AND comment :))

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting your blog…now I’m your lates follower! 🙂

    1. That’s very much appreciated 🙂
      Thank you!!!

  6. It is so nice you are back and had a good time! These house remind me very much of the town where I am born – Lübeck. Will your birds now star living on rooftops??
    Cheers and hugs

    1. You know me well, Gabriele – birds on roof tops on my mind 😉

  7. […] new art supplies when we returned from our trip (check the last two posts and more to come) I can’t wait to use them […]

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