Mail Art Thank You & Link Love

It’s about time that I thank my dear mail art senders and to join in the Link Love by Daisy Yellow once more.

I received two little ATCs from the Earth Day Swap (Sogn Art) – mentioned here.

When they arrived I first thought “Oh no! Return to sender!!!” because I recognized the envelopes as my writing and stamps… but yes, of course. For this swap we sent our own postage-d envelopes along our ATCs 😉

I sent two, so I received two in return:

Denise, I love this little piece so much. I had seen it when you posted in on fb and loved it right away. So what a surprise that it was sent to me 🙂

ATC from Denise

ATC from Denise

The second one is from Patricia D. Also a nice surprise, as I met her on the DY fb page before 🙂
Thank you so much! Lovely little flowers and meaningful proverb. Love it! (I need to find out if she has a blog – will def. link to it. Just did and linked to her site – please say Hi to her :))

ATC from Patricia

ATC from Patricia

On to the last one for this post:

A postcard from Dawn D. We met via GIT (I think?!??! ;)) and exchanged addressed for an mail art swap. I’m glad I did – love her card very much.
When visiting her blog I discovered that we also share a love for Macro photography and mandalas – I just like it, when this happens – to find someone like minded 🙂
Thank you, Dawn!!!

mail art from Dawn P.

mail art from Dawn P.

As this is also my Link Love post, here two more links:

Lynn Holland – I found her through WOYWW and I am very impressed by her lace work – check it out!
Her blog and her flickr
Thank you Lynn also for featuring my flickr stream on one of your blogs!!! 🙂

My last for today: Jonas Eriksson
I’m in awe ever time he posts a new picture. I simply admire his style and skills…

Well, time for dinner prep! 😉
Have a wonderful weekend and thank you SO much for stopping by.

I love reading everyone’s comments.




  1. Omg!! Jana, you got one of my ATC’s from SOGN art!! Lol! What a small world! I have to post mine on my blog so you can see them…maybe one is yours! 🙂

    1. Yes! Isn’t that such a coincidence?! …and even more so, as the other ATC is from Denise, whom I also met on fb 🙂 (We had already swapped mail art as well before…)
      Small world 😉
      …I added your link in this post…

  2. gypsy999 · · Reply

    Mail art brings us together! Thank you for sharing the link-love this week and for your contributions on the DY FB group!

  3. Just returned from my trip to find this lovely post. How wonderful! It is weird to see your own art on someone else’s page, lol.
    Those atc’s are so great! I love the compact size of them. I may have to dabble a bit in the future. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You got some fabulous mail art. 🙂 I posted mine to you over the weekend, so hopefully it does not take too long to arrive.

  5. Would you like to trade art work?

    1. Jade, Thanks for asking! I do love snail mail and trading, but I’m so behind in my ‘to reply’ stack 😦 I need to wait until I caught up on it before I agree to new swaps.

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