Here comes Wednesday – WOYWW – time! Go check it out on Julia’s blog
I can’t wait to visit all your spaces 🙂
Last week we traveled, so I didn’t have a chance to visit all of your desks. Well, this week shall be more time to do so.

A big Thank You! to all who came to visit. Always appreciated and so nice to read your comments 🙂

This time a peek on my ‘real work’ space… my laptop is old, but still working. I hope it keeps up the good work until we’re back to the U.S. – buying a new one in Sweden would mean spending much more money (that can not be spend on art supplies!!! ;))

Anyway – sometimes my day time job space gets to see some drawings and sketches… I do write my blog posts here as well.


some old book pages (snagged a book from the recycling bin at the library!); sketch/painting peeking through; laptop; my ordinary journal – soemtimes filled with sketches and doodles, but usually with notes about work and schedules for the kids etc

…and here some ‘close-up’s


…that really was just a quick sketch, but I like how it turned out…

…you’ve probably seen this pretty girl last week
she was meant to hold notes on some ideas about sketching birds, and then she looked like a princess and I gave her a crown and some pink 🙂


…I like my crown…

Also from last weeks desk:

Rotkehlchen (European Robin)

Rotkehlchen (European Robin)


  1. I love the one with the crown.

  2. acorncrafts · · Reply

    Love the quick sketch. Great colours on your Robin. Love the free brush strokes. #23

  3. The bird sketches are wonderful. Great background colours as well. Happy WOYWW. Pam#15

  4. Lovely birds, the robin is even smiling!

  5. gorgeous drawings, so envious of anyone who can draw (that’s why I love rubber stamps!) Helen, 17

  6. inkyminxy · · Reply

    Your bird sketches are AWESOME
    happy woyww
    Hugz Minxy #19

  7. your birds are nearly as beautiful as the ones in my garden, princess looks very regal. happy woyww#90

  8. Awesome drawing skils! Love the crow- my favourite bird. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #85 xxx

  9. Love your sketches. Happy crafting #4

    1. Hej Regina, Thanks!
      I usually visit everyone’s blog, who left a comment here… every time I try yours, it asks for login & pw… just wanted to let you know, that I’m not ignoring you 🙂
      Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

  10. Gorgeous sketches. Love the crow. WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 88

  11. Lovely drawings and it’s great that you sketch wherever you are! It’s a habit I really should get into. Happy Woyww and thanks for sharing Liz@130

  12. Love those birds!

  13. My fave one is the last one it’s the watercolour just brushed on all over so it pulls you into look at the details all are really pretty. hugs Nikki #2

  14. OH…I love the little birdies and how you journaled in them too! What fun little sketches!

    Anna Leisa #155

  15. Thanks for stopping by my desk just now. Wow, you are very talented in sketching birds. I’m in ooh and awe! I LOVE your workdesk! Happy ~ belated ~ woyww, Marit #110

  16. beautiful sketches. The last one is my favorite. This is my first visit to your blog. I will be back for more visits.

  17. That Robin is amazing! Such simple lines, hardly any colour used, and still quite clearly a red robin. (I’m Dutch and we call it ‘Roodborstje’, so ‘red chest’, instead of ‘red throat’. 😉 )

    1. Thank you, Eveline! I always find it very interesting, how names for the same things and/or animals can be so different from language to language… we’re in Sweden currently and slowly getting everything mixed 😉
      BTW – we’ll be visiting your home country this Summer – can’t wait!

  18. Love your bird sketches, they seem so alive, as if they would junp right of the page and fly away =)

  19. Wow! These are just gorgeous!! Beautiful detail! They each have their own personality; love the princess!

  20. Visiting from Art Journal Every Day. Your birds are marvelous!!! xox

  21. I love your sketches and journaled birds! Beautiful!

  22. I love what you wrote about the pretty girl…I didn’t know what to expect and I loved that element of surprise and to see that she was indeed very pretty and beautiful! great sketch btw. I love the follow up birdi as well. You are incredibly talented and hey, what is a gal without a crown!!!! Lovies, samara

  23. The bird with the crown is awesome but the last one is so very sweet!

  24. […] my kids, other times it’s the messy table downstairs (to paint and print and experiment), or my desk in the office, or simply the kitchen […]

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