Smash books – How many does a person need?!

…this question came up recently, when my older son added some candy wrappers to his book. We didn’t really contine to dig for an answer – we lost track amid all the little pieces that needed to be glued 😉
Bu I’d say as many as one can store (I am right, or am I not?!)

I started these particular books when we moved to Sweden, last year. My kids love to keep – things they find outside (sticks, pebbles, washers, rusty nails, cool looking whatever ;)) And there are the wrappers of candy they haven’t had in the U.S. What to do with all those?! Well: smash book!

Here are the pages – obviously – with Easter goodies (my parents send packages too, so there is German stuff as well ;)) for one and with ‘fika’ favorites for the other.
‘fika’ is a very popular afternoon snack in Sweden (usually coffee and pastries)  for the grown ups (no coffee for the kids! ;))

Sometimes I write a date or make a little sketch next to the glued pieces. My older son is doing this now for his book himself!!! Ahhh – makes me happy 🙂

Have a happy Gluesday! Check out all the other GIT posts over at Aimee’s blog – it’s fun 🙂

smash books 1 & 2

smash books 1 & 2

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  1. I’m hoping your post will inspire me. I bought a book to use as a smash book. I keep saving little bits of this and that. Mostly things about Scooter. I’m so glad Felix is getting into the writing and doodling.

    1. I’m glad this inspires you, Boo 🙂
      It’s fun and helps keeping our table sane 😉

  2. I really want to start a smash book! I don’t know very much about them, but I’d like to start one with Olivia too. I reckon she would love it!

    1. Yes, just do! You don’t really anything have to know about them… just start gluing 😉 (I picked up two sturdy ring bound advertisement/touristic books about the town we’re currently living in – they’re free at the local library. This way those books are filled already, even if we don’t glue on every little free space ;))

  3. What a great keepsake for your boys to have! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Lynn 🙂
      As I just mentioned above as reply – the books we use contain facts and pictures of the town we’re currently living in, so they definitely will serve as keepsake also about the time we spend/spent in Sweden.

  4. Never heard of a smash book – looks fun, should be much bigger though to host my “treasures”. I have many, many shelves full of indispensabilities (looked this word up, kind of proud of it 🙂 ). Some people might say I am a messy, but only non-artists. But a smash book is a super idea esp. for kids, maybe leading to journalling?

    1. Exactly what I have in kind, Gabriele… hopefully leading to some sort of journaling.
      Well, I guess ‘smash book’ is just a fancy way to call it – I had something like this when I was a child too, but for sure it wasn’t called smash book!!! 😉 I can’t remember, but I think it didn’t even have a name…
      BTW – love that word: indispensability …on to my list of new vocabulary 🙂

  5. How cool is this! I love the idea of including candy wrappers. What a great thing to share with your kids!

    1. Thanks Lynn! 🙂 Yes, it’s really cool – they get to keep their treasures and I can keep that paper off our dinner table (so I hope ;))

  6. How wonderful that your kids are in on the collecting and gluing! I”m sure they will love looking back at these.

    1. Thanks, Rinda. Yes, that’s what I hope 🙂

  7. I’ve not heard the term “smash book” before but I’m totally adopting it. And what a fun thing for your kids. Can’t start gluing too early. 😉

    1. Exactly! 🙂
      Thanks, Deborah!

  8. how nice to have the kids doing smash books with you! I have never heard of the term either! Looks/sounds like a “junk journal”! {:-Debb

  9. I’ve recently discovered smash books and LOVE them. Very cool how you’ve incorporated colorful ephemera with text. Found you through Glue It Tuesday and I’m enjoying exploring your blog. Cheers!

  10. Candy wrappers — I like your son’s collage style!

  11. Oh, come on!! This is filled with yummy goodness! This has so much detail and imagery to look at. I love that you put in everything you felt like putting in! It’s freeing.

  12. My smash book has become my Glue Journal! 😉

  13. I have a Smash book to start! Those egg candy wrappers sure bring back memories of Germany… I signed up to receive your posts via email. Glad to have met you from Julie’s blog! Kathy

  14. As many as you can store is the most fabulous answer and from now on is one I will apply to all my art supplies!

    1. lol! I’m glad you agree 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, Natasha!

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