Mail Art: Out and Ready to go

This week was very busy with work (for my freelance jobs) so far. But I can’t stand not posting anything – I miss it too much!
So at least here’s a little something about the recent mail art I prepared.

I usually have several pieces in progress these days. My plan is to post them on my Mail Art page as they are done, so everyone who’s interested can ‘request’ (friendly and with a offer of something nice in return would be perfect :))

‘Under the Sea’
is already in Florida (at Roben-Marie‘s house – thanks again for swapping! :))

Under the Sea

Under the Sea

watercolor, stamping with recycled plastic packaging, Faber-Castell Pitt Pen, Zigno white ink, thread

Details of card and envelope:

Mail Art envelope

Mail Art envelope

Under the Sea detail

Under the Sea detail

I made this one in honor of the change of seasons: Winter is greeting spring and vice versa.

Those of you who are visiting from ‘Glue It Tuesday’ may wonder, where there’s gluing here:
There’s not much ‘glue it’ to it (ha! a rhyme!!! :)),
but I used tea filter paper, ripped in pieces and colored with watercolor as base for the crocus.

Winter meets Spring

Winter meets Spring

still available: 'Spring greets Winter' (you may have noticed, I can't decide about the name...)

still available: ‘Spring greets Winter’ (you may have noticed, I can’t decide about the title…)

Thanks for reading!!!

I linked this post here as well:

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  1. the colors that you used are so soothing. Love your plastic packaging too – now that’s glued! I just used some of that on the cover of a journal, and it turned out great.

  2. I love the contrast of the green versus white! The tea filter paper use is so cool! It makes me think of movement in the green crocus…like the wind is blowing or something! So neat!

    1. Thank you, Sweetred! Always nice to read your comments 🙂

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