Art by Nature II

Perhaps you remember my ‘Art by Nature’ post from last week.
This is the follow up with the promised pictures.

These are all taken on a lake not far from here. We spent quite some time on the ice this year (on several lakes, on the Baltic Sea – just walking or skating or cross country skiing) as this winter was very stable with temperatures below freezing.

When we stepped on this particular lake, we were in awe of the clear ice and the formations below the surface. Amazing!
My hubby and I – we went kinda nuts when we saw what was ‘served’ to us by nature. (He’s the ‘photographer’ in our family.) Our kids both started to complain after they had to wait for a while – they wanted to move 😉

The white circles are mostly trapped air bubbles. Straight lines are mostly some sort of cracks, that are really cool to observe – 3D is usually much more impressive than 2D. But as abstract background or ‘photograph as is’ I really love them too.

Enjoy! (click the pictures to see them full size)

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

If you’re interested in one of those pictures, please let me know. For my blog I always use only 72ppi resolution – that’s not enough for a good print…



  1. Just marvelous!

    1. Thanks, Gabriele 🙂

  2. These are incredible photos! Isn’t it wonderful the patterns nature creates?

    1. It is indeed. I can’t get enough of an opportunity like this… it’s really hard to stop taking pictures when one finds a place like this…

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