Collages to Postcards

…makes more pieces to be mailed! I think I’m on a ‘mail-art-hype’.

I made these for fun and in response to several prompts and challenges.

journaling around circles: "Receiving and sending mail art is better than any cherry on any top"

journaling around circles: ” Sending and receiving mail art is better than any cherry on any top”

Practicing my Swedish on this card (please correct me, if I'm wrong!)

Practicing my Swedish on this card (please correct me, if I’m wrong!)

Detail - tiny words :)

Detail – tiny words 🙂

Let me know if you like this card in your mail box! It's ready to travel :)

Let me know if you like this card in your mail box! It’s ready to travel 🙂 …and it found someone already – this card will be on it’s way shortly, Mary! 🙂

A few of you were wondering about the process for the last card, so I wrote it down for all who are interested:

I should get into the habit and also write about what I did, shouldn’t I…
Well, here it goes:

This is a 4×6 index card – I used the blank side in this case.
I covered some areas with blue acrylic paint using a small piece of very stable and thin cardboard. (I just dipped the edge of the piece in the paint, and then spread it over the surface. (I used some of the resulting ‘shapes’ later for the fish/mermaid tail…)
After that I applied water color in blue and green tones to all areas of the card – real quick and without too much attention 😉
While everything was still damp I ‘screwed’ a bottle cap through the damp part fo the background (= circles).
For the green ‘plants’ or ‘corals’, as I call them, I used a stencil and green watercolor.
To finish the background I used my favorite recycled plastic package to stamp a little yellow and red acrylic paint on the card (lower left area – hard to see in this pic…) This package has a nice grid on the bottom – I just love it!

The ‘fuzzy’ paper is a piece of tea filter (the kind that is open and can be filled with loose tea), that I colored with watercolor pencil and then added water to get some ‘washed’ colors. Simply glued it to the background.

The paper I wrote on is regular copy/printer paper that I recycle. It had some light grey printer ink from a picture, I use watercolor pencils again, washed it down and wrote with a Faber-Castell Pitt pen (S)… Oh – I didn’t cut the paper, but folded and ‘ripped’ it, to get the not so sharp edge. Again – glued.

I felt something was still missing and the shapes in the upper left area spoke to me – they wanted to be a mermaid’s tail. I followed their suggestion 😉 I used a Faber-Castell Pitt Pen (S), green watercolor pencil, and a uniball Signo (white ink).

Thanks for reading!!!

I also posted those cards here:

Artsyville ‘Glue it Tuesday’
Daisy Yellow ‘Prompt 6ix’



  1. I am getting addicted to mail art too! It is sometimes easier and nicer to make little pieces of art, and it is so much fun to exchange them instead of keeping them in the drawer. And Jana, I like every piece of art I see on this page.

    1. Yeah, the newest addiction is great! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, Gabriele.

  2. jana, i love all your cards especially the last one. it could travel to my mailbox.

    1. Thank you, Mary! It could indeed… 🙂
      just send me your address to my email (it’s on my ‘about’ and ‘mail art’ page)
      I like your gelli prints! ..and that stencil – awesome. And you book too (I bet I find more cool things on your blog and flickr once I take more time ;))

  3. Love the colors.

    1. Thank you, Boo! 🙂

  4. these are stunning pieces. you are a master at mixing colors!

    1. Thank you, Aimee! I love comments like this 🙂

  5. These are gorgeous! I have been working on mail art but it’s takes me forever to complete it. Not sure why that is.
    visiting from glue it tuesday.

    1. Juana, Thank you!
      Recently I find myself working on several pieces at a time – if I don’t know what to do next to a card (or picture) I simply move on to the next… This way there’s always something to work on and I don’t have to think too much what would work best for one particular piece… Hmmm, that sounds all quite disorganized now, but it works for me right now 😉

  6. Lovely collaged mail…great color!

    1. Thanks so much, Lynn!
      I seem to be stuck with blue (and green, and… we’ll see ;))

  7. they are great cards! I started mailing postcards, but most people are interested in travel scenes, rather than my art… I’ll be following your mail art. {:-Deb

    1. Thank you, Deb! Perhaps you like to swap an art-card sometime?! 🙂
      Just let me know… my email address is posted on my ‘about’ and ‘mail art’ page.
      BTW – you’ve got an awesome job!!! (I just stopped by your blog real quick…)

  8. Your cards are always so beautiful. You have a great eye for colour and composition!

    1. Thank you Thank you 🙂 I think if one loves what they do, then everything just comes together…

    1. Thank you, Deborah!

  9. I love your mail art, you are so clever!

    1. Thank you, Ros 🙂

  10. I LOVE the card with the circles, completing the circle-shaped stamp. Awesome!!

    1. Thanks, Marit!
      Just let me know if you like the card in your mailbox 🙂 (my email is posted on my ‘about’ and ‘mail art’ page)

  11. I’ve just found you through Glue it Tuesday. We have a slightly different angle on mailed art here. What you start is returned to you. Maybe you would like to join us at some point?

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading!
      I followed the link you posted in your comment – just my type of thing 🙂
      There is actually a small circle of friends who just did this (well, it’s still in progress ;)) It’s so awesome to find the like minded!
      I’ll stop by ‘layersofcollaboration’ again to sign up…
      If you like – take a look:
      Cheers! 🙂

  12. […] your card is on it’s way in the envelope with the little ‘eco’ label as […]

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