Saturday read

What a lovely Saturday! I hope you had a nice day too 🙂

I enjoy the spring colors so much! Even though not outside – in nature – yet, but at least in the vase.
Those colors make me so happy, I almost feel butterflies in my stomach 😉

Lovely pink tulip

Lovely pink tulip

Pink tulip - close up

Pink tulip – close up

I had a little time to work on some journal pages in my daily art journal (I’m a bit behind, but I’m making progress).


my daily art journal – working on catching up

I also worked on the page for prompt#10 from Tammy (Daisy Yellow Art). I’m curious how it will turn out.

Vasa Museum - Art Journal Page

Vasa Museum – Art Journal Page



  1. Your tulip is lovely. I really like your art journal with all the little sections. I was thinking about doing something similar.

  2. Thanks, Boo! For my daily/weekly journal I always try find ways to have some sort of sections, that I can fill with the daily notes… this page was easy for that matter 😉

  3. I love your daily journal too. The colours are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Alison 🙂 I enjoy writing and painting in it so much!

  4. I love the colors in your daily journal! So fun! It reminded me of strawberry banana hubba bubba bubble gum from when I was a kid! I can’t wait to see how all the pieces of your prompt #10 come together…It’s gonna be awesome!!! Now I’m going to go google Vasa Museet and see what it is!

    1. Thank, sweetred 🙂
      Did you find out about the Vasa?! It’s a pretty interesting story. Seeing the actual ship is breathtaking! I’m so thankful that we have the chance to live close by this museum – we actually went again today. (They have a very nice restaurant as well ;))

  5. I love your photographs! And the colors like strawberry ice cream with yummy extra cream (just gained 1 kilo by thinking of it). Have a lovely sunday! 🙂

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