Sunflower Mail Art & Prompt6ix

It’s mail art time and Prompt6ix time as well. I used the prompts of #8 of Daisy Yellow’s prompts to create a postcard. I used Photoshop as well as doodles by hand and hand writing.
I don’t have too much time to explain today (my paying job needs my attention!!!), so here are the prompts and the result(s):
Sunflower (Doodled the petals and used –>
Magic Markers (as well as sharpies, my ZIG 0.05 and Signo white pen)
Doodled some more on the background digi brush
Chandelier (used to form the sunflower petals and the middle – digitally)
Joker (I don’t really like Jokers, so I only used the word and some type I like to write in in the background – digitally)
List (list of the word ‘sunflower’ in English, German and Swedish – in a way that it’s easy to read no matter how one holds this postcard, which must be because of the Joker)

Here you go šŸ™‚
Thanks so much for reading!!!

Sunflower Mail Art

Sunflower Mail Art

I almost forgot to mention: I tried three different background colors. Even though i like the blue very much as well, I thought it might be too dominant and will get in the way of the sunflower… What do you think?! šŸ˜‰

Sunflower Mail Art - blue and cream

Sunflower Mail Art – blue and cream

…and to make this complete the links to the sources of the images I used:

chandelier for the sunflower petals

I used this chandelier for the sunflower petals
green petals

sunflower middle section

sunflower middle section



  1. Your pieces are so amazing! They make me want to learn more about my scary computer so I can try doing digital art too. I love the font for (and the way you used) “joker”. I think the blue is pretty too…it’s really interesting to see how the different colors change the whole feel of the piece! And your doodles…too cool! I always love seeing your work!

    1. Hey SweetRed,
      Thanks so much for your comment! Perhaps I should collect questions about Photoshop or digital artwork in general and make a little intro?! Hmmmm, that would be a nice project.
      Well, let me know if you have questions! Cheers šŸ™‚

  2. Well done Jana! You cleverly used the possibilities PS gives us, but gave it with handdoodling (?) on top a more painterly expression, which I like very much. Your choice of colors is right I think, looks more sophisticated.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s all ‘hand doodling’ – I like it best this way. Doodling with PS is fun too, but paper and pen are best šŸ™‚

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