The Cactus and the Blossom

This one was a bit tricky… Even though I had the cactus ‘ready’ in my mind, I didn’t know how to incorporate the other prompts… I still think this one is not finished. Well, one day it will come in handy 🙂

Prompt6ix! Personal Prompt #5  from Daisy Yellow
Aquamarin (the cactus – though not as bright as I wish – I need to stock up on better paint)
Peaceful (dictionary definition, handwritten)
Stamped circles (obvious – toilet paper roll right onto the wet background paint; and glass jar bottom for dotted circles)
Catcus as
Symbol (of the desert)

Thanks for stopping by!

Cactus - Symbol of the Desert

Cactus – Symbol of the Desert



  1. Just gorgeous and I LOVE your cactus!

    1. Me too – I really love the cactus the most in this page.

  2. I like the tangle cactus

    1. Thanks, Boo 🙂
      Not sure if I should say this, but: Me too! 😉
      But seriously – the cactus is my favorite on that page. I have the feeling something is missing to tie the page together…

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