Rainbow Town

Here another page I did for Daisy Yellow’s Prompts: It’s prompt #4 and I’m glad I played along. It was a challenge for me since I really didn’t have an idea where to start with this one.  I was curious if I ever could finish a page with the following prompts:
curious (taken car of already ;))
bird (hiding in the trees somewhere)
sky blue
pocket or window
heart (if you look closely, you’ll find it)

Again I used a piece of scrap paper (still no new water color paper) – well it’s sturdy paper with structure to it, so I thought I’ll try (since I also try to teach recycling recycling recycling… to my children). Acrylic paints, newspaper scraps (from a local newspaper – so I have one more reason to remember our time in Sweden). For the windows on the purple house I used a ‘recycled stamp’ – can you guess what object I used?!??! I had searched my boy’s ‘treasure box’ – always surprising things to use in there 😉  Oh and I used one of my digital stamps over the sky.

Anyway – it was a fun project. My 4 yr old helped me paint the houses and he helped also to glue them on the background. Good helper!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Rainbow Town (with birds hiding in trees)

Rainbow Town (with birds hiding in trees)



  1. Fabulous colours in this piece! What fun! It’s so great to use recycled objects in art.

    1. Thanks, Alison! I like the idea of using things that had a purpose already – makes it very interesting in many aspects.

  2. How fabulous that your 4 yr old helped paint + adhere your images. Working together with art and paint is so much fun, worth the mess, for the shared experience. This is a great interpretation, and I’m happy that you used some of the Swedish newsprint too.

    1. Thanks Tammy!
      Fun indeed – to work with my 4 yr old 🙂 I think it’s contagious to see someone draw, paint or craft – if I’m with paper and pencil – he joins in. Love it!

  3. Jana,
    I love this page. Houses are one of my favorite things. I want to visit your rainbow town!

    1. Thanks Boo!
      You’re always welcome in my town 🙂

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