Magpie Decandence

Prompt #3 for Prompt6ix! is done!
I couldn’t really sort my ideas for a while and I really wanted to start sketching again. So I needed to decide what to sketch…

We live in Sweden at the moment and Magpies are very common in this area. I always loved their black and white appearance and their intelligence. The sharp lines of their feather are just beautiful And if you observe closely, they’re NOT black and white only… many shades of green and turquoise – just beautiful. (I know – they can be a nuisance too, but right now, I just love to see them again. :)) So the Magpie it was… sketched from a photo I took… pencil & water color pencil. Sketched on regular printer paper (I have to get me some white watercolor paper – all I have left has a hue to it). Cut her out and glued it on the watercolor background.

The background is watercolor, stamps (recycled plastic) and drawn leaf/poppy shapes and many many polka dots.

The base for the necklace is a stamp (cap of whipped cream – yum! :)), then I painted and doodled around it. More polka dots for the necklace (magenta) and the diagram (using the stamp of the background) showing the Magpies success for three days of collecting ;))

If I could I would write bigger letters for what she thinks… but well, nothing’s perfect.

Thanks for reading!!! Enjoy 🙂

Magpie Decadence

Magpie Decadence

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